It is the Divine to whom all the riches belong, it is the Divine who lends them to living beings, it is He to whom they must naturally return.

All cactus flowers (except Cereus, Selenicereus and Echinopsis oxygona).
Flowers are many petalled with numerous stamens in white and shades of yellow, orange, red, pink and purple. Usually spiny succulent perennial herbs, shrubs and climbers.

Picture Courtesy: Martin Heigan

Supramental Riches
Riches that are at the disposal of the supramental being and still unknown to man.

Night-blooming cereus, Moon cereus
Large fragrant pure white nocturnal funnelform flowers with numerous pointed petals and a central cluster of curving stamens; borne singly on pendulous stems from the nodes on the margins of the leaves. A scandent succulent with long narrow pendulous fleshy leaves.

Photo Courtesy: Ulf Eliasson epibase

Realisation of the Supramental Riches
Can manifest only after the transformation of human consciousness.

Pterospermum acerifolium
Maple-leaved bayur
Large fragrant white flower with five long narrow twisting petals and prominent fleshy cream white sepals that are hairy within a yellow brown without; borne singly or in flowered cymes from the leaf axils. A medium to large ornamental tree with very large leaves, green above and silvery white beneath.

Photo Courtesy:

First Movement of Riches Towards the Divine
The sure sign of conversion.

Tithonia diversifolia
Mexican sunflower
Large slightly fragrant compositae flower with long narrow deep golden yellow ray florets; borne singly on long stalks. A robust perennial or tall subshrub.

Photo Courtesy: J.G inSF

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