• Lasting Attachment
Lasting Inspiration
• Lasting Remembrance

• Thirst to Learn

Liberation in the Vital

Never Tell a Lie

• Conversion of the Aim of Life from the Ego to the Divine
• Life Energy
• Life Energy in the Vital
• Purified Dynamic Life Energy
• Supramentalised Life Energy
• Life Energy in the Material
• Organisation of Action in Life
• Splendour and Opulence in the Material Life
• To Live Only For the Divine
• Will Manifested in Life
• Vital Will Manifested in Life

• Light
• Attraction for the Light
• Aspiration in Physical for the Supramental Light
• Connection between the Light and Physical
• Consciousness Turned towards the Light
• Consciousness turned towards the Supramental Light
• Intensity of the Consciousness in the Full Supramental Light
• Descent of the Light
• First Conscious Reception of the Light in Nature
• First Turning of the Vital towards the Divine
• First Sign of Krishna’s Light in Matter
• Opening to the Light
• Opening of the Higher Vital to the Light
• Opening of the Material Vital to the Light
• Integral Opening to the Light
• Krishna’s Light in the Mind
• Krishna’s Light in the Overmind
• Krishna’s Light in the Physical Mind
• Krishna’s Light in the Vital
• Krishna’s Light in the Senses
• Krishna’s light in the Subconscient
• Joy of Vegetal Nature in Answer to the New Light
• Light in Fairyland
• Light in the Blood
• Light in the Cells
• Light in the vital
• Movements in the Light
• Light in the vital movements
• Psychic Light in the Physical Movements
• Psychic Light in the Material Movements
• Light of the Purified Power
• Light without Obscurity
• Mind of Light Acting in Matter
• Opening of the Emotional Centre to the Light
• Response of the Mind to the Supramental Light
• Response of the Physical Mind to the Supramental Light
• Seeking the Light in the Lower Vital
• Supramental Light in the Subconscient
• Psychic Light in the Subconscient
• Tranquility of the Sex Centre when it is under the Influence of the Supramental Light
• Supramental Light in the Sex Centre
• Vital Opening to the Supramental Light
• Wealth in the Mind of Light

• Lightness

• Logic in Thoughts

• Divine Love
• Divine Love Spreading Over the World
• Unmanifest Divine Love
• Love for the Divine
• Integral Love for the Divine
• Psychic Love
• Flaming Love for the Divine
• Humility in the Love for the Divine
• Loving Surrender
• Mental Love for the Divine
• Mental Love under the Psychic Influence
• Human Passions Changed into Love for the Divine
• Balance of the Nature in the Love for the Divine
• Love from the Divine
• Aspiration in the Physical for the Divine Love
• Beauty of Supramental love (Flower of Auroville)
• Divine Love Governing the World
• Opening of the Physical to the Divine Love
• Love in the Physical for the Divine
• Opening of the Vital to the Divine Love
• Victorious Love
• Works of Love