The Divine gives itself to those who give themselves without reserve and in all their parts to the Divine. For them the calm, the light, the power, the bliss, the freedom, the wideness, the heights of knowledge, the seas of Ananda.

[The soul's inherent aspiration] is what comes up when there is the sheer self-giving, when "I seek you for this, I seek you for that" changes to a sheer "I seek you for you." It is that marvellous and ineffable absolute in the Divine that X means when he says, "Not knowledge nor this nor that, but Krishna." The pull of that is indeed a categorical imperative, the self in us drawn to the Divine because of the imperative call of the greater Self, the soul ineffably drawn towards the object of its adoration because it cannot be otherwise, because it is it and He is He. That is all about it.

Entire Self-Giving
Completely open, clear and pure.

Ipomoea alba
Moonflower, Belle de nuit
Large fragrant white nocturnal salverform flower with a wide limb and a long narrow corolla tube; borne singly or in few-flowered clusters. A strong perennial climber.

Photo Courtesy: Suika

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