The Mother's warning to you against the undesirability of too much talk, loose chat and gossip, social self-dispersion was entirely meant and stands; when you indulge in these things, you throw yourself out into a very small and ignorant consciousness in which your vital defects get free play and this is likely to bring you out of what you have developed in your inner consciousness.

I myself have had the experience that one can be fully concentrated and be in union with the Divine even while working physically with one's hands; but naturally this asks for a little practice, and for this the most important thing to avoid is useless talking. It is not work but useless talking that takes us away from the Divine.

Dark and pointed, this is a flower that wounds more than it charms.

Typhonium blumei
Large firm spathe, bulbous and green tinged with brown at the base, widening to become ovate in shape and a deep maroon colour, and a thin tapering spadix with a rough pink segment near the base; the flower arises directly from the round. A poisonous tuberous herb with sagittate shallowly three-lobed leaves.

Photo Courtesy: Sriaurobindoashram.com

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