Awakening of the first Response of the Nature to the Supramental Manifestation

Interested, she opens herself and tries to understand.

Jatropha integerrima
Peregrina, Spicy jatropha
  1. Small reddish pink flower with five narrow rounded separated petals and conspicuous anthers; borne in long-stemmed terminal cymes. A shrub with variable leaf forms which are often fiddle-shaped.
  2. Another form is a small light pink cup-shaped flower with rounded petals and conspicuous yellow anthers.
Photo Courtesy: Forest & Kim Starr
Photo Courtesy: Dinesh Valke

Balance of the Nature in the Love for the Divine
Passive and active, calm and ardent, sweet and strong, silent and expressed.

All medium-sized bicoloured flowers. A large shrub.

Photo Courtesy: Renjishino

Blossoming of Nature
Abundant and strong, nothing can stop its growth.

Calluna vulgaris
Ling, Scots heather
Tiny fragrant rose pink bell-shaped flowers densely borne in one-sided spikelike terminal racemes. A small evergreen shrub.

First Conscious Reception of the Light in Nature
The origin or starting-point of the will to progress. Nature has an instinctive thirst for Light.

Widow's tears, Dayflower
Tiny blue to lavender flower with two upper clawed petals, one lower inconspicuous petal and three smaller whitish sepals; emerging singly or in pairs from a folded green bract. A perennial succulent herb.

Photo Courtesy: Dinesh Valke

Humility before the Divine in Physical Nature
First attitude needed for transformation.

Tarenna asiatica
Tiny intensely fragrant cream coloured flowers with five twisted recurved petals and a prominent style; borne in terminal panicles. A hardy medium to large evergreen shrub with glossy leaves.

Photo Courtesy: Sriaurobindoashram

Intimacy with Universal Nature
This intimacy is only possible for those who are vast and without preferences or repulsions.

Lagerstroemia speciosa
Queen's crape myrtle, Pride of India, Pyinma
Medium-sized mildly fragrant rose purple flower, larger and with petals more open than Lagerstroemia Indica. A large showy ornamental tree.

Photo Courtesy: Dinesh Valke

Joy of Vegetal Nature in Answer to the New Light

It dances with joy and laughs happily.

All species with long showy bright red exserted stamens and tiny inconspicuous greenish white petals set among linear lanceolate leaves; borne in spikes resembling a bottlebrush. A shrub or small tree with aromatic leaves.

Kindness of Nature
She is kind when she is loving.

Clover, Trefoil
Small fragrant dense rounded heads of tiny papilionaceous flowers in white and shades of purple, pink or yellow. An annual or perennial herb with leaves composed of usually three but occasionally four leaflets.

Photo Courtesy: Bernd Haynold

Nature Aspires to be Supramentalised

The first response of plant life to the action of the supramental forces.

Stictocardia beraviensis
Medium-sized funnelform flower with a glowing rose red satiny recurved limb and a wide deep yellow throat prominently lined with red; borne in few-flowered clusters from the leaf axils. A strong woody twiner with large heart-shaped leaves.

Photo Courtesy: Toptropicals

Nature Makes an Offering of Her Beauty
It is a spontaneous and effortless offering.

Morning glory
Small to large showy, usually funnelform flowers in white and shades of red, pink, purple and blue; borne singly. Mostly climbing annual or perennial herbs. The significance includes all Ipomoeas not specifically named by the Mother.

Photo Courtesy: Heartlover1717

Nature's Hope for Realisation

Nature knows that one day she will be able to realise.

Mangifera indica
Mango tree
Tiny cream to pale pink five-petalled flowers with a fruitlike fragrance, borne in large pink-stalked terminal panicles. A handsome medium to large evergreen tree.

Photo Courtesy: Mauroguanandi

Psychic Soaring of Nature
Nature has a soul which blossoms in a lovely way.

Rose canina
Dog rose, Common brier, Dog brier, Eglantine
Medium-sized single light pink flower with five petals and conspicuous yellow stamens; borne in few-flowered clusters. A climbing shrub often grown as a hedge or over a bower.

Photo Courtesy: Sakurai Midori

Smile of Nature

Nature rejoices in her beauty.

Prunus dulcis
Almond, Almond tree
Small white to pink sessile saucer-shaped flowers with five rounded petals and many stamens; borne singly or in pairs. A small to medium-sized tree that is covered with flowers in spring before the leaves appear and later bears edible nuts.

Photo Courtesy: Fturmog

Spontaneous Aspiration of Nature towards the Divine
Wide open, spontaneous, irrevocable in its spontaneous power.

Leucanthemum vulgare [Chrysanthemum leucanthemum]
Ox-eye daisy, Moon daisy, Marguerite
Medium-sized single white compositae flower with a yellow centre, borne singly on a long stalk. A slender erect rhizomatous perennial.

Photo Courtesy: Ram-Man

Spontaneous Joy of Nature
It is man who has made Nature sorrowful.

Papaver rhoeas
Corn poppy, Field poppy, Flanders poppy, Shirley poppy
Medium-sized showy cup-shaped usually single flower with four wide delicately crinkled satiny petals and a central tuft of numerous stamens; in shades of red, purple, pink, orange and occasionally white; borne singly on long stems. A small erect branching annual herb.

Photo Courtesy: Only_point_five

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