If mankind could but see though in a glimpse of fleeting experience what infinite enjoyments, what perfect forces, what luminous reaches of spontaneous knowledge, what wide calms of our being lie waiting for us in the tracts which our animal evolution has not yet conquered, they would leave all and never rest till they had gained these treasures. But the way is narrow, the doors are hard to force, and fear, distrust and scepticism are there, sentinels of Nature, to forbid the turning away of our feet from her ordinary pastures.

Spirituality can only come by opening of the mind, vital and physical to the inmost soul, to the higher Self, to the Divine, and their subordination to the spiritual forces and instrumentation as channels of the inner Light, the higher Knowledge and Power.
All perfection of which the outer man is capable, is only a realising of the eternal perfection of the Spirit within him. We know the Divine and become the Divine, because we are That already in our secret nature.

The spiritual man is one who has discovered his soul: he has found his self and lives in that, is conscious of it, has the joy of it; he needs nothing external for his completeness of existence.

Spirituality is in its essence an awakening to the inner reality of our being, to a spirit, self, soul which is other than our mind, life and body, an inner aspiration to know, to feel, to be that, to enter into contact with the greater Reality beyond and pervading the universe which inhabits also our own being, to be in communion with It and union with It, and a turning, a conversion, a transformation of our whole being as a result of the aspiration, the contact, the union, a growth or waking into a new becoming or new being, a new self, a new nature.

Power of Spirituality
True spirituality transforms life.

Bowstring hemp, Snake plant, Mother-in-law's tongue
Small white to dusty white scented tubular flowers with a narrow corolla tube, six narrow recurved lobes and six erect exserted stamens; borne in dense clusters on a very long stalk. A perennial herb with thick cylindrical leaves marked with very thin dark green stripes.

Photo Courtesy: Sri Aaurobindo Ashram

Joy of Spirituality
The reward of sincere efforts.

Bowstring hemp, Snake plant, Mother-in-law's tongue
White to dusty white scented tubular flowers with a narrow corolla tube, six narrow recurved lobes and six erect exserted stamens; borne in small clusters sparsely arranged along the erect stalks. A perennial herb with flat swordlike leaves strikingly mottled with contrasting shades of green.

Photo Courtesy: Alreza

Spiritual Intensity
It is an intensity without violence. The ardour it gives you is espressed without grand gesture and big words.

Orthosiphon stamineus
Cat's whiskers
Small rose purple salverform flower with a very thin corolla tube, two irregular opposite lobes, one spreading and one narrow, and long graceful exserted upward curving stamens; borne in elongated terminal racemes. A weak-stemmed perennial with dark green serrated leaves.

Photo Courtesy: Forest & Kim Starr

Aspiration for Spiritual Intensity
Bold, elegant, obstinate.

Orthosiphon stamineus
Cat's whiskers
Small white salverform flower with a very thin corolla tube, two irregular opposite lobes, one spreading and one narrow, and long graceful exserted upward curving stamens which are pale lavender at the top; borne in elongated terminal racemes. A weak-stemmed perennial with dark green serrated leaves.

Photo Courtesy: Scott.Zona

Aspiration for Spirituality
Conscious of the advantages of spiritualisation.

Sage, Ramona
Small tubular bilabiate flowers in white and shades of blue, pink, purple and red; borne in erect spikes or curving racemes. A herb, subshrub or shrub.

Photo Courtesy: KENPEI

Vital Consenting to be Spiritualised
A great victory over the lower nature.

Mexican bush sage
Small velvety white to pale mauve tubular bilabiate flower half enclosed by a very soft velvety purple calyx; borne in tiers on long arching racemes. A subshrub with a silvery pubescence on the stems and backs of the lanceolate leaves.

Photo Courtesy: Christine4nier

Matter Consenting to Be Spiritualised
The beginning of wisdom.

Salvia splendens
Scarlet sage
Small bright red softly pubescent narrow tubular flower with the tube divided into four irregular shallow lobes, emerging from a conspicuous crinkled bright red pubescent calyx; borne in large very dense three-sided terminal racemes with bright red pubescent stems. A long-blooming perennial.

Photo Courtesy: Dinesh Valke

Power of Spiritual Beauty (Spiritual Beauty of Auroville)
Spiritual beauty has a contagious power.

Hibiscus Hawaiian
Medium-sized or large single salmon-orange to golden-yellow flower with soft crinkled petals, deep magenta centre and silver-white aura.

Photo Courtesy: Mark Aurel

Pure Spiritual Surrender 
Candid, simple, spontaneous and complete in its multiplicity.

Rosa 'Prosperity'
Small very fragrant semi-double ivory white flower tinged with pink; borne in full pendulous sprays. A vigorous climber.

Spiritual Ascension
Fearless, regular, uninterrupted.

Fiddle-wood, Zitherwood
Tiny highly fragrant white five-petalled flowers in slender pendulous racemes. A small to medium-sized tree with four-angled stems and opposite leaves.

Photo Courtesy: Dinesh Valke

Spiritual Ascension in the Vital
It is more fanciful and less regular.

Stachytarpheta jamaicensis
Blue snakeweed, Common snakeweed, Jamaican vervain
Tiny light lavender blue salverform flowers with a white centre, sparsely arranged on long thin spikes. A medium to large perennial herb or subshrub.

Photo Courtesy: Dinesh Valke

Spiritual Aspiration
Rises like an arrow without caring for obstacles or laggards.

Terminalia catappa
Tropical almond, Indian almond, Kamani, Myrobalan
Tiny white starlike flowers with numerous short stamens; borne in long thin dense racemes resembling catkins. A large tree with thick leathery obovate leaves that often turn red before falling.

Photo Courtesy: Tequila

Spiritual Aspiration in the Physical
Comes in bursts to counteract and overcome resistances which cannot succeed in making it give up.

Russelia sarmentosa
Tiny crimson tubular flower borne in many- flowered clusters. A floriferous subshrub with four to six angled stems and ovate-ferrate leaves.

Photo Courtesy: Toptropical

Spiritual Atmosphere
Light, fluid, clear, transparent and so clean.

Azadirachta indica
Neem, Margosa
Tiny fragrant white star-shaped flowers with a narrow corona; borne in airy panicles. A medium-sized tree with dense foliage.

Photo Courtesy: Dinesh Valke

Spiritual Awakening of the Vital
It soars towards the heights in the hope of reaching them.

Solenostemon scutellarioides [Coleus Xhybridus]
Coleus, Painted nettle
Tiny two-lipped flowers that open pale lavender and turn white, borne in small densely flowered terminal spikes. A perennial succulent herb popular for its colourful foliage.

Photo Courtesy: Forest & Kim Starr

Spiritual Beauty
Immaculate whiteness, sweetness and purity, you seem to come from another world.

Leontopodium alpinum
Small tight terminal clusters of white or yellowish white starlike flowers with a tufted centre surrounded by greyish white petal-like bracts. A low woolly perennial herb with greyish leaves.

Photo Courtesy: Inklaar

Spiritual Happiness
Calm and smiling nothing can disturb it.

Geranium, Storksbill
Small to medium-sized single flowers with five sepals and five petals, the upper pair usually larger; in white and shades of red, pink and purple, also in many double forms; borne in umbels above the foliage. A perennial herb or shrub with aromatic leaves.

Photo Courtesy: Forest & Kim Starr

Spiritual Perfume
It has an extraordinary power of attraction.

Pandanus tectorius
Pandanus palm, Thatch screw pine
Highly fragrant tiny woolly cream yellow flowers borne on very dense spikes that are enclosed in folded leaflike triangular sheaths with sharp barbed thorns on the margins, the whole resembling an ear of corn. A large shrub with aerial prop roots and stiff spiny leaves.

Photo Courtesy: Forest & Kim Starr

Spiritual Power of Healing
Opening and receptivity to the Divine influence.

Petrea volubilis
Purple wreath, Sandpaper, Queens-wreath, Bluebird vine
Small violet salverform flower with five rounded lobes, the upper lobe marked with a prominent white spot, set in a larger pale lilac star-shaped calyx; borne on pendulous racemes. A woody vine with rough leaves like sandpaper.

Photo Courtesy: Eric in SF

Spiritual Speech
All-powerful in its simplicity.

Asparagus densiflorus 'Sprengeri'
Sprenger asparagus, Sprengeri, Emerald fern,Emerald feather
Tiny white mildly fragrant starlike flowers with orange-tipped stamens; occurring in small clusters amidst the foliage or sometimes forming dense sprays. A fernlike perennial herb with gracefully arching stems.

Photo Courtesy: Grivas2k

Spiritual Success
Spiritual success is conscious union with the Divine.

Hiptage benghalensis
Small fragrant white flower with prominent curved stamens and pistil, and five irregularly folded, twisted and fringed petals; the central petals are blotched with yellow; borne in compact terminal clusters. A rampant vine that can be pruned into a large shrub.

Photo Courtesy: Toptropicals

Spiritual Aspiration in the Vital
(No comment)

Celosia argentea (Plumosa group)
Feathered amaranth
Long erect branching spikes of tiny red flowers that form soft feathery plumes. A showy floriferous garden annual.

Photo Courtesy: Jim Frazier

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