Supramental influence in the subconscient

Under its modest appearance it s a great force for transformation


Orange to reddish-orange

Supramental light in the subconscient

The essential condition for transformation


Light to deep yellow flowers

Krishna's influence in the subconscient
The best way to be above all contingences


Dull greenish-blue

Krishna light in the subconscient

Soon there will be no subconscient.

Eranthemum watti

Dark blue

Aspiration for the supramental guidance in the subconscient

Intense need of order, light and knowledge in the subconscient penumbra.

pachystachys coccinea
Cardinal’s guard

Bright red

Divine will acting in the subconscient

The rare moments when the Divine asserts Himself visibly.

clerodendrum indicum
Tube flower ,Truck’s turban


Subconscient remembrance

Must be purified all of that is useless

Cynoglossum amabile
Chinese forget-me-not, hound’s tounge

Deep sky-blue

Power of truth in the subconscient

It can act only when sincerity is perfect.

Tecomaria capensis

Bright orange

First response of the subconcient to the Supramental action

To open door to realization!

Jatropha podagarica

Bright orange-red

Psychic Light in the Subconscient
The preliminary condition for progress.


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