Only a few, the rare aristocrats of the earth, can really and truly think. That is now the true aristocracy, not the aristocracy of the body and birth, not the aristocracy of vital superiority, wealth, pride and luxury, not the aristocracy of higher emotions, courage, energy, successful political instinct and the habit of mastery and rule, — though these latter cannot be neglected, — but the aristocracy of knowledge, undisturbed insight and intellectual ability.


Incapable of baseness and pettiness, it asserts itself with dignity and authority.

Very large (over 16 cm) fully double flowers with somewhat narrow, pointed and variously twisted ray florets; in white and shades of red, pink, lavender, purple, orange and yellow, also bicoloured; borne singly. A tender tuberous- rooted perennial herb.

Photo Courtesy: Cillas

Aristocracy of beauty
So perfectly formed that it compels admiration.

Flag, Fleur-de-lis, Sword lily
Large showy often fragrant flower usually with three erect and three softly recurved petals that may be bearded or crested; occurring in a wide variety of shades and colour combinations except pure red. A rhizomatous or bulbous perennial herb with sword-shaped leaves.

Photo Courtesy: AdSR

Dietes iridioides
African iris
Medium-sized irislike flower with a centre of three erect incurving lavender crests and six flat rounded white petals, three of which are wider and have a prominent golden orange mark from the base to the centre, and three alternate petals, narrower and spotted brown at the base; blooming singly at the ends of branching spikes. A rhizomatous herb with bladelike leaves.

Photo Courtesy: Jeremy Raff-Reynolds

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