Good and well-wishing, flowers answer abundantly all the creative fantasies of Nature.

All at once Nature gives much to us and we have the joy of abundance.

Cucurbita maxima
Autumn squash, Winter squash, Pumpkin
Large golden yellow somewhat fleshy funnel- shaped flower with a spreading limb divided into six pointed lobes, a throat covered with fine hairs and the back of the flower prominently ribbed with green; borne singly. A vigorous annual vine.

Photo Courtesy: Valter Jacinto
Abundance of Beauty
A beauty that blossoms freely and abundantly.

Ericaceae Azalea, Rhododendron
Small to medium, occasionally large, delicate open bell-shaped or funnelform flowers with five deeply cut overlapping petal-like lobes and long exserted stamens; borne in dense clusters in a great variety of colours. There are more than 800 species of shrubs(or rarely small trees).

Photo Courtesy: Ram-Man

Abundant Expression
Has much to say and says it fully.

Celosia argentea (Plumosa Group)
Feathered amaranth
Long erect branching spikes of tiny golden yellow loosely arranged everlasting flowers that form soft feathery plumes. A showy floriferous garden annual.

Photo Courtesy: Sentrawoods

Emotional Abundance
Good feelings that gives themselves unstintingly.

Lagenaria siceraria
White-flowered gourd, Bottle gourd, Calabash gourd, Hercules' club
Medium-sized white funnelform flower with five tightly overlapping slightly crinkled petals and a pale green tomentose calyx; borne singly. A strong annual vine with pubescent leaves and bearing smooth hard-shelled gourds in an unusual variety of shapes and sizes.

Photo Courtesy: Shu Suehiro
Material Abundance
Nature always shows us what true abundance is-one is overwhelmed!

Medium-sized yellow or cream white somewhat cup-shaped flower with five sheer overlapping petals, occasionally with a purple red spot at the base; set in conspicuous green fringed bracts on short stems in the leaf axils. An annual or perennial herb or shrub.

Photo Courtesy: Peppergrass
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