Flowers are the spontaneous expression of Nature's adoration.

Worship is only the first step on the path of devotion. Where external worship changes into the inner adoration, real Bhakti begins; that deepens into the intensity of divine love; that love leads to the joy of closeness in our relations with the Divine; the joy of closeness passes into the bliss of union.

The aim of Yoga being union, its beginning must always be a seeking after the Divine, a longing after some kind of touch, closeness or possession. When this comes on us, ... adoration becomes always primarily an inner worship; we begin to make ourselves a temple of the Divine, our thoughts and feelings a constant prayer of aspiration and seeking, our whole life an external service and worship.

Manifold, smiling, regular, it offers itself tirelessly.

Cordia sebestena
Geiger tree
Small orange six-lobed salverform flower with elongated brownish green tomentose calyces; borne in terminal clusters. A small ornamental tree in bloom most of the year.

Photo Courtesy: Forest & Kim Starr

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