First Appearance of Purity in the Inconscient

The sign that the inconscient is on the way to becoming conscious.

Plumbago zeylanica
Small white salverform flower with five widely separated lobes and a thin corolla tube, set in a conspicuous tubular green calyx covered with bristly hairs; borne in moderately dense spikes. A scandent evergreen shrub with somewhat angled stems.

Photo Courtesy: Bernard Liason

First Appearance of the Psychic in Matter
A messenger of beauty.

Jatropha multifida
Coral plant, Physic nut
Tiny red or deep pink flowers with five separated rounded petals and a reddish pink stalk; borne in compound cymes. A medium to large shrub with large palmate leaves having eight to twelve deep lobes.

Photo Courtesy: Atamari

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