Art is nothing less in its fundamental truth than the aspect of beauty of the Divine manifestation.

If you want art to be the true and highest art, it must be the expression of a divine world brought down into this material world.

In a sense spirituality is the highest art, the art of life; for it aims at creating a life of beauty pure in line, faultless in rhythm, replete with strength, illumined with light and vibrant with delight.

Living only to express beauty.

Lady's eardrops
Small to medium-sized pendulous flower that resembles a lantern or a ballerina's skirt, with four usually recurved and colourful sepals that spread above four tightly overlapping rounded petals and prominent exserted stamens; in white and shades of pink, red and purple, often bicoloured and double; borne singly from the leaf axils or in terminal racemes or panicles. A small shrub to small tree.

Photo Courtesy: André Karwath

Beauty in Art
A beauty that displays itself and allows itself to be contemplated.

Large showy fragrant single or double bowl-shaped flowers with broad slightly recurved and often frilled petals; in white, yellow, purple, red and pink; borne terminally, one to many. A floriferous perennial herb or shrub that is among the most popular garden plants in temperate climates.

Photo Courtesy: Fairy Whisper

Artistic Taste
Is pleased with beautiful things and is itself beautiful.

Ipomoea indica
Blue dawn flower
Large showy intense blue funnelform flower with a pinkish purple star at the centre and a lavender pink tube becoming white at the base; borne singly or in few-flowered clusters. A robust perennial vine.

Artistic sensitivity

A powerful aid in fighting ugliness.

Ipomoea tricolor
Morning glory
Large blue funnelform flower with a white throat; borne singly or in few-flowered clusters. An annual climber.

Photo Courtesy: Heike Loechel

Artistic Thoroughness
Neglects nothing in its search for perfection.

Verbena X Hybrida
Common garden verbena, Florists' verbena
Small soft red with cream centre salverform flowers with irregular rounded lobes; borne in flat- topped terminal spikes. A creeping matlike perennial often grown as an annual; the sagittate pubescent leaves have crenate margins.

Photo Courtesy: Pelennor

Artistic Work
Work at the service of beauty.

Phlox drummondii
Annual phlox, Drummond phlox
Small very light pink salverform flowers with indented petals; with a narrow tube and a flattened limb divided into five broad slightly overlapping lobes; borne in dense terminal clusters. A long-flowering garden annual.

Photo Courtesy: Gertrud K.
Supramental Artistic Genius
It blossoms in the Light and knows how to manifest it.

Large dark brownish red flower with a golden yellow glow at the tips and backs of the ray florets, and a dark brown central disc flecked with yellow; borne singly or in clusters. An annual or perennial herb.

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