Attempt at Vital Goodwill

An attempt is a small thing but it can be a promise for the future.

Green ebony
Medium-sized mildly fragrant lavender blue salverform flowers with a curved and flattened corolla tube, a limb divided into five irregular lobes and a white patch on one side of the throat; borne in terminal panicles. A medium- sized tree with a soft feathery foliage.

Photo Courtesy: peregrin@ off line

Attempt towards Continuity
Vigorous and repeated but not lasting.

Acalypha wilkesiana
Jacobs-coat, Copperleaf, Fire-dragon
Short pale green catkins tinged with red; borne in pairs or small clusters from the leaf axils. A shrub with somewhat drooping green oblong leaves with irregularly cut white margins.

Attempt towards Immortality
Persistent and coordinated.

Celosia argentea
Feathered amaranth
Long erect branching spikes of tiny greenish white loosely arranged everlasting flowers that form soft feathery plumes. A showy floriferous garden annual.

Photo Courtesy: Muffet

Attempt towards Protection
Irregular and not always effective efforts.

Bougainvillea ‘Mahara’
Clusters of showy small semi-double ovate bright magenta bracts in dense clusters that enfold tiny white to greenish white salverform flowers. A shrub, vine or small tree, usually armed with spines.

Photo Courtesy: Ozone9999, Duke and Sarge

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