Realisation is ... when something for which you are aspiring becomes real to you; e.g. you have the idea of the Divine in all, but it is only an idea, a belief; when you feel or see the Divine in all, it becomes a realisation.

In a more deep and spiritual sense a concrete realisation is that which makes the thing realised more real, dynamic, intimately present to the consciousness than any physical thing can be.

Beginning of Realisation

Full of promise and hope, it radiates joy and confidence.

Sesbania grandiflora
Scarlet wistaria tree, Vegetable humming-bird
Medium-sized, occasionally large, pendulous white, pink or red clawlike papilionaceous flowers held in glossy light green calyces; borne in clusters of two to four. A small short-lived tree with pinnate leaves.

Photo Courtesy: Forest & Kim Starr

Beginning of Realisation in Matter
Matter responds to the Divine influence.

Erythrina variegata
Coral tree
Dense striking terminal racemes of medium-sized orange red to dark red flowers with one prominent curving partly folded petal and long exserted stamens. A large thorny deciduous tree.

Photo Courtesy: Tau Ľolunga

Beginning of the Supramental Realisation
Of charming beauty it is the herald of victory.

Butea monosperma
Flame-of-the-forest. Palas
Dense racemes of medium sized bright red-orange papilionaceous flowers; small to medium-sized tree

Photo Courtesy: Tony

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