Without character, without some kind of high or strong discipline, there is no enduring power of life.

Discipline is indispensable to progress. It is only when one imposes a rigorous and enlightened discipline on oneself that one can be free from the discipline of others. The supreme discipline is integral surrender to the Divine and to allow nothing else either in one's feelings or one's activities. Nothing should ever be omitted from this surrender - this is the supreme and most rigorous discipline.

It can be said that any discipline whatsoever, if it is followed strictly, sincerely, deliberately, is of considerable help, for it makes the earthly life reach its goal more rapidly and prepares it to receive the new life. To discipline oneself is to hasten the arrival of this new life and the contact with the supramental reality.

Sets the example and hopes to be followed.

Ocimum basilicum
Common basil, Sweet basil
Tiny white bilabiate flowers lightly tinged pink with green leaves and a greenish purple calyx and stem, the latter becoming entirely purple towards the tip of the raceme. A shrubby annual or perennial culinary herb with aromatic leaves.

Photo Courtesy: Su_Ku_Ra

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