The true aim of life is to find the Divine's Presence deep within oneself and to surrender to it so that it takes the lead of the life, all the feelings and all the actions of the body. This gives a true and luminous aim to existence.

The Aim of Existence is Realised
Exists only by and for the Divine.

Large fragrant white flower with three narrow petal-like sepals held behind two wide horizontal trilled petals and a third lower petal modified to form a showy lip; borne in few-flowered racemes. An epiphyte with thick stiff leaves and pseudo-bulbs.

Photo Courtesy: Van swearingen

Conversion of the Aim of Life from the Ego to the Divine
Instead of seeking one’s own satisfaction, to have service of the Divine as the aim of life.

Clivia miniata
Kaffir lily
Medium-sized bright orange funnelform flowers with the limb divided into six lobes, a yellow or apricot throat and exserted stamens; borne in many-flowered umbels on erect scapes. A perennial bulb with straplike leaves.

Photo Courtesy: Hedwig Storch

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