Beauty Arising from Consecration
Be sincere and absolute in your consecration to the divine and your life will become harmonious and beautiful.

Asparagus racemosus
Small delicate snowy racemes of highly fragrant tiny starlike white flowers. A light thorny vine with drooping stems and curved needlelike leaves.

Photographer: Fagg, M
Photo Courtesy: Australian National Botanic Gardens

Entire Self-Giving
Fully open, clear and pure.

Ipomoea alba
Moonflower, Belle de nuit
Large fragrant white nocturnal salverform flower with a wide limb and a long narrow corolla tube; borne singly or in few-flowered clusters. A strong perennial climber.

Photo Courtesy: Suika

Purity Arising from Perfect Consecration

If one lives only for the Divine and by the Divine, the result is perfect purity.

Lilium candidum
Annunciation lily, Easter lily, Madonna lily
Large fragrant waxy pearl white trumpet-shaped flower with gently recurved segments and prominent golden anthers; borne on tall many- flowered racemes. A bulbous perennial herb with lanceolate leaves.

Photo Courtesy: Maciek Godlewski

Vital Consecration
Delightfully modest and fragrant, it smiles at life without wanting to draw attention to itself.

Heliotropium arborescens
Heliotrope, Cherry-pie
Tiny fragrant starlike flowers in pale to deep purple, borne in dense terminal cymes. A bushy perennial herb with very hairy leaves.

Picture Courtesy: Carl E Lewis

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