Yes, there is a sublime charity, one which rises from a happy heart, from a serene soul. One who has won inner peace is a herald of deliverance wherever he goes, a bearer of hope and joy. Is not this what poor and suffering humanity needs above all things?
Yes, there are certain men whose thoughts are all love, who radiate love, and the mere presence of these individuals is a charity more active, more real than any other. Though they utter no word and make no gesture, yet the sick are relieved, the tormented are soothed, the ignorant are enlightened, the wicked are appeased, those who suffer are consoled. These individuals who, out of love, give themselves to all, who become the servants of all, are the living symbols of the supreme Charity.

Simple and sweet, attentive to the needs of all.

Small clear sky blue flower with two prominent clawed slightly ruffled opposite winglike petals, a third petal that is tiny and inconspicuous and four bright yellow anthers; borne singly from a folded green bract. An annual or perennial succulent herb.

Photo Courtesy: Dinesh Valke

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