It is well known that the value of a man is in proportion to his capacity of concentrated attention; the greater the concentration the more exceptional is the result, to the extent that a perfect and unfailing concentrated attention sets the stamp of genius on what is produced.

Concentration is a state one must be in continually, whatever the outer activity. By concentration I mean that all the energy, all the will, all the aspiration must be turned only towards the Divine and His integral realisation in our consciousness.

Our one objective must be the Divine himself to whom, knowingly or unknowingly, something always aspires in our secret nature. There must be a large, many-sided yet single concentration of the thought on the idea, the perception, the vision, the awakening touch, the soul's realisation of the one Divine. There must be a flaming concentration of the heart on the All and Eternal and, when once we have found him, a deep plunging and immersion in the possession and ecstasy of the All- Beautiful. There must be a strong and immovable concentration of the will on the attainment and fulfilment of all that the Divine is and a free and plastic opening of it to all that he intends to manifest in us.

Does not aim an effect, but simple and persistent.

Euphorbia milii
Crown of thorns, Christ thorn
Two tiny bright red overlapping petal-like bracts surrounding an inconspicuous flower; usually borne in pairs. A small succulent shrub with numerous stems and semi-soft spines.

Concentration of the New Creation (Concentration of Auroville)
Concentration on a precise goal is helpful to development.

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
Chinese hibiscus, Hawaiian hibiscus, Rose- of-China
Medium-sized single cup-shaped flower with thick crinkled yellow petals with orange blotches and red orange at the edges, and a light yellow centre.

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