Avatar-the Supreme Manifested in a Body upon Earth
The pink lotus is the flower of Sri Aurobindo.

Nelumbo nucifera
Sacred lotus, East Indian lotus
Very large fragrant chalice-shaped pink flower with several rows of loosely arranged cupped translucent petals surrounding a unique centre of numerous golden stamens that encircle a raised yellow disc; borne singly on sturdy stems high above the water. A vigorous aquatic rhizomatous plant with large, concave orbicular leaves that repel water.

Photo Courtesy: Peripitus

Supramental Immortality upon Earth
This still remains to be realised.

Helichrysum bracteatum
Strawflower, Golden everlasting. Yellow paper daisy
Small everlasting compositae flower with several rows of stiff papery ray florets and a large buttonlike tuft of golden disc florets; in yellow, orange, red or white; borne singly or in few-flowered terminal clusters. A perennial herb usually grown as an annual.

Photo Courtesy: Tim Waters

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