What we call oneself is only the ego. Our true self is the Divine.

Human nature is shot through in all its stuff with the thread of the ego; even when one tries to get away from it, it is in front or could be behind all the thoughts and actions like a shadow. To see that is the first step, to discern the falsity and absurdity of the ego-movements is the second, to discourage and refuse it at each step is the third, - but it goes entirely only when one sees, experiences and lives the One in everything and equally everywhere.

Our ego, boasting of freedom, is at every moment the slave, toy and puppet of countless beings, powers, forces, influences in universal Nature. The self-abnegation of the ego in the Divine is its self-fulfilment; its surrender to that which transcends it is its liberation from bonds and limits and its perfect freedom.

Abolition of the Ego
One exists only by the Divine and for the Divine.

Eucalyptus, Australian gum, Gum tree, Ironbark, Stringybark
All species that have small cream white brushlike flowers composed of stamens with a concave centre and are borne in axillary clusters of three or more. Over 500 species of evergreen trees with aromatic leaves.

Conversion of the Aim of Life from the Ego to the Divine
Instead of seeking one’s own satisfaction, to have service of the Divine as the aim of life.

Clivia miniata
Kaffir lily
Medium-sized bright orange funnelform flowers with the limb divided into six lobes, a yellow or apricot throat and exserted stamens; borne in many-flowered umbels on erect scapes. A perennial bulb with straplike leaves.

Photo Courtesy: Hedwig Storch

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