The inability to do several things at the same time.

Nerine sarniensis
Guernsey lily
Small bright red funnelform flower with a short tube, six slightly recurved wavy segments and long bright red stamens; borne in umbels on scapes. A bulbous plant with linear leaves that develop after the flowers appear.

Photo Courtesy: kalmia latifolia

Sweetness of Thought Turned Exclusively towards the Divine

Lovely, joyful, sweet and calm, sheltered from all conflicts.

Nerium oleander
Oleander, Rosebay
Sweetly fragrant single salverform flower with five separated lobes that are pink fading to pale pink on the edges and twisted suggesting a pinwheel, and a light yellow centre with a delicate fringed corona; borne in loose cymes. A prolific flowering shrub with stiff lanceolate leaves.

Photo Courtesy: Dinesh Valke

Exclusive Turning of All movements towards the Divine

The sure means of having security.

Long erect scapes of small light green flowers with five erect petals and petal-like sepals that resemble a fan and a prominent variegated green and white lip. A terrestrial orchid with a large oval pseudo-bulb.

Photo Courtesy: Nipplerings72

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