Psychic Power in Existence
Manifold, imperious, irresistible in its understanding sweetness.

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
Chinese hibiscus, Hawaiian hibiscus, Rose- of-China
  1. Medium-sized single light pink flower that has slightly separated petals with wavy edges and a small deep red centre surrounded by a light red aura.
  2. Second form is a medium-sized single pink pendulous flower that has widely separated petals with deeply scalloped edges and a deep red centre; the leaves are three-lobed.
  3. A third form is a medium-sized single lilac pink flower with more deeply shaded veins and centre, and slightly separated petals having one edge striped with white on the reverse.
Photo Courtesy: Blue dolphin Stephania

Photo Courtesy: Foot Slogger

Photo Courtesy: Anna Lech

The Aim of Existence is Realised
Exists only by and for the Divine.

Large fragrant white flower with three narrow petal-like sepals held behind two wide horizontal trilled petals and a third lower petal modified to form a showy lip; borne in few-flowered racemes. An epiphyte with thick stiff leaves and pseudo-bulbs.

Photo Courtesy: Van swearingen

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