This is faithfulness, to admit and to manifest no other movements but only the movements prompted and guided by the Divine.

When I spoke of being faithful to the light of the soul and the divine Call, ... I was simply affirming the great need in all crises and attacks, — to refuse to listen to any suggestions, impulses, lures and to oppose to them all the call of the Truth, the imperative beckoning of the Light. In all doubt and depression, to say, "I belong to the Divine, I cannot fail"; to all suggestions of impurity and unfitness, to reply, "I am a child of Immortality chosen by the Divine; I have but to be true to myself and to Him — the victory is sure; even if I fell, I would rise again"; to all impulses to depart and serve some smaller ideal, to reply, "This is the greatest, this is the Truth that alone can satisfy the soul within me; I will endure through all tests and tribulations to the very end of the divine journey". This is what I mean by faithfulness to the Light and the Call.

We can count on You; You never fail us when we need You.

Quisqualis indica
Rangoon creeper
Medium-sized fragrant flower with five separated petals and a long thin green tube; borne in dense pendulous clusters; flowers open white, turn pink and finally red with all colours appearing in the clusters at the same time. A rampant vine with soft light green pubescent leaves.

Photo Courtesy: Dinesh Valke

Incorruptible Faithfulness
Nothing can turn you from the duty you have chosen.

Carlina acaulis
Carline thistle
Large solitary everlasting white or reddish compositae flower with a broad centre of soft brushlike disc florets surrounded by a single row of narrow silky ray florets. A low perennial herb with rosette leaves.

Photo Courtesy: Davidzof

Peace of Integral Faithfulness

Be faithful to the Divine and you will enjoy a constant peace.

Portlandia grandiflora
Large fragrant waxy pure white trumpet-shaped flower with a limb divided into seven pointed lobes; borne singly. A glossy-leaved evergreen shrub.

Photo Courtesy: Magnaghi

Joy of integral Faithfulness

That bond of love which makes all faithfulness so easy.

Portlandia grandiflora
Large fragrant waxy white flower finely edged with pink; trumpet-shaped flower with a limb divided into seven pointed lobes; borne singly. A glossy-leaved evergreen shrub.

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