Modest in appearance, does not make a show but is always ready to be useful.

Lobularia maritima
Sweet Alison, Sweet alyssum
Small rounded compact heads of mildly fragrant tiny white four-petalled flowers. A long-blooming perennial herb with linear leaves, usually grown as a low compact annual.

Photo Courtesy: Carl E Lewis

Courageous Goodwill

Is solid and resistant, fearing neither inclemency nor the cold.

Shrubs or trees with tiny white rotate flowers borne singly or in axillary cymes, shiny red berries and stiff glossy evergreen, often toothed or spiny leaves.

Photo Courtesy: Emilio del Prado

Attempt at Vital Goodwill
An attempt is a small thing but it can be a promise for the future.

Green ebony
Medium-sized mildly fragrant lavender blue salverform flowers with a curved and flattened corolla tube, a limb divided into five irregular lobes and a white patch on one side of the throat; borne in terminal panicles. A medium- sized tree with a soft feathery foliage.

Photo Courtesy: peregrin@ off line

Mental Goodwill
Likes to show off a little, but is very useful.

Small lemon yellow or yellow funnel-shaped flower with five petals embossed with a star; the base of the flower is surrounded by one to five conspicuous sepals of various forms and sizes in cream white, pink or red which form the attractive part of the flower; borne in sparse terminal clusters. An erect decorative shrub.

Vegetal Goodwill towards the Supramental Forces
Each does what it can.

Cuphea micropetala
Small cream yellow tubular flower tinged orange at the base, borne in leafy terminal racemes. A many-stemmed subshrub with lanceolate leaves.

Photo Courtesy: Eric

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