Conquest over the Greed for Food

A promise of good health.

Dombeya Xcayeuxii
Small scented cup-shaped flower with large exserted cream white stigmas and sheer delicate pink or white petals that persist and become dry and papery with age; borne in many-flowered umbels on long pendant stalks. A large shrub with broad hairy heart-shaped leaves.

Photo Courtesy: KENPEI

Greed for Money

The surest way to diminish one’s consciousness and narrow one’s nature.

Ochna kirkii
Bird’s-eye bush, Mickey Mouse plant
Small glossy jet black oval fruits that protrude from waxy red sepals; borne in short panicles. A decorative woody shrub with narrow leathery leaves and delicate evanescent yellow flowers.

Photo Courtesy: Jen64
Photo Courtesy: Allan Henderson

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