Whatever the appearance we must bear,
Whatever our strong ills and present fate,
When nothing we can see but drift and bale,
A mighty Guidance leads us still through all.

Aspiration for Supramental Guidance in the Subconscient
Intense need of order, light and knowledge in the subconscient penumbra.

Pachystachys coccinea
Small bright red to dark red bilabiate flower with the upper lip divided into two lobes and the lower into three; borne on erect bracteate spikes. A medium-sized herbaceous shrub with large ovate opposite leaves and a somewhat open habit.

Photo Courtesy: Van Swearingen

Aspiration of the Mind for the Supramental Guidance
The mind feels that its complexity is powerless and asks for a greater light to illuminate it.

Justicia aurea
Medium-sized yellow tubular flower with the corolla partly divided into two lips, emerging from a conspicuous dark green bract; in dense brushlike terminal spikes. An erect narrow shrub with four-sided stems.

Matter Aspiring for the Supramental Guidance
Dissatisfied and troubled. Matter asks for a powerful guide to put it in order.

Odontonema strictum
Small red curving tubular flower with five irregularly separated flaring lobes; borne in erect branching racemes. A small to medium shrub with wavy-edged leaves.

Photo Courtesy: Forest & Kim Starr

Matter under the Supramental Guidance

The condition required for its transformation.

Hamelia patens
Scarlet bush, Firebush
Small orange narrow tubular candlelike flower borne in terminal cymes. A shrub or small tree with oblong lanceolate leaves in whorls.

Photo Courtesy: Dinesh Valke

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