One cannot help others to overcome their sorrows and sufferings unless one has overcome all this in oneself and is master of one's feelings and reactions.

The best way of helping others is to transform oneself. Be perfect and you will be in a position to bring perfection to the world.

Give yourself to the Divine absolutely, and the Divine Help will always be with you.

You bring help to him who knows how to use you.

Cymbopogon citratus
Tall multi-branched inflorescence bearing clusters of dense greenish purple brushlike spikelets. An aromatic oil-yielding grass.

Photo Courtesy: Tony

Divine Help
Modest in appearance, powerful in action!

Malvaviscus arboreus [Malvaviscus drummondii]
Wax mallow
Small bright red erect candlelike flower with five twisted overlapping petals and a long exserted staminal column; borne in few-flowered terminal clusters. A low evergreen shrub.

Integral Conversion with the Help of the Psychic
Sweetness mingles with resolution.

Amaryllis, Knight's star lily, Barbados lily
Large trumpet-shaped flowers with wavy petals spotted rose; flowers with six flared petals and long curving stamens; borne on tall sturdy scapes. A large bulb with thick, usually strap like leaves that appear after the blooming season.

Picture not available.

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