Honesty in the Physical Mind

Preliminary condition indispensable for transformation.

Galphimia glauca
Small mildly fragrant yellow star-shaped flower with five widely separated spatulate petals; borne in terminal racemes. A small to medium-sized shrub almost continually in bloom.

Photo Courtesy: Dinesh Valke

Mental Honesty
One does not try to deceive others nor to deceive itself.

Tristellateia australasiae
Small bright yellow flower with five narrow separated petals and tiny red stamens; borne in short racemes. An almost ever-blooming woody vine of moderate growth.

Photo Courtesy: Tuis

Vital Honesty
Not to allow our sensations and desires to falsify our judgment and determine our actions.

Kaempferia rotunda
Resurrection lily, Tropical crocus
Small to medium-sized fragrant white flower with a prominent lavender lip divided into two large rounded lobes, and three long narrow white sepals arising from the base; the flower spikes arise from the leafless rhizome in spring. A tuberous herb that bears two leaves, variegated above and purple beneath. Another form has pale lavender outer petals and rose lavender inner petals with deep purple veins.

Photo Courtesy: toildepices.com

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