[Humility is] the recognition that one does not know, that one knows nothing, and that there may be something beyond what presently appears to us as being truest, noblest, most disinterested. True humility consists in referring oneself constantly to the Lord, in placing everything before Him.

It is very simple: when you tell people, "Be humble", they immediately think of being humble before other men, and that humility is bad. True humility is humility before the Divine - that is, the precise, exact, living sense that one is nothing, can do nothing, under­stands nothing without the Divine, that even if one is an exceptionally intelligent and capable person, one is nothing in comparison with the Divine Consciousness. And one has to keep that always, because always one has the true attitude of receptivity, a humble receptivity which does not put personal pretension in the way of the Divine.

Adorable in its simplicity.

Agrostis nebulosa [Sporobolus capillaris]
Erect airy panicles of branching spikelets bearing minute flowers that open pale greenish white and change to maroon as they mature. An annual grass.

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Humility before the Divine in Physical Nature
First attitude needed for transformation.

Tarenna asiatica
Tiny intensely fragrant cream coloured flowers with five twisted recurved petals and a prominent style; borne in terminal panicles. A hardy medium to large evergreen shrub with glossy leaves.

Photo Courtesy: Sriaurobindoashram

Humility in the Love for the Divine
Delicate, effective and surrendered, but very persistent in its feelings.

Rose Medium-sized lavender or mauve flower.

Photo Courtesy: Zanchetta Fabio

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