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In the peace that comes from the perfect light.

Canna Xgeneralis
Canna lily
Large showy pale yellow flower with three soft round irregular petals borne in terminal clusters on sturdy stems; erect perennial rhizomatous herb with lush foliage.

Photo Courtesy: Cremondiou

Illumined Transparency

An effect of the Divine Grace.

Callistephus chinensis
China aster
Medium-sized slightly scented semi double compositae white flowers with a yellow central disc and numerous narrow ray florets creating a soft pom-pom effect; borne singly. A compact bushy annual.

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Illumined Strength in the Vital
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Amaranthus caudatus
Love-lies-bleeding, Velvet flower, Tassel flower
Long tapering pendulous or erect catkins densely covered with tiny off-white flowers. An annual herb with brilliant coloured leaves either red or a combination of red, green and yellow.

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