The base of the material consciousness here is not only the Ignorance but the Inconscience - that is, the consciousness is involved in form of Matter and energy of Matter.

The Inconscience is an inverse reproduction of the supreme super consciousness: it has the same absoluteness of being and automatic action, but in a vast involved trance; it is being lost in itself, plunged in its own abyss of infinity.

All evolution is the progressive self-revelation of the One to himself the terms of the Many out of the Inconscience through the Ignorance' towards self-conscient perfection.

Divine Will Acting in the Inconscient
Is all-powerful even when we are not aware of it.

Clerodendrum L. sp.
Small mildly fragrant white salverform flower with exserted white stamens, a thin corolla tube and five narrow lobes with up-curving edges; borne in axillary panicles. A small to medium- sized shrub with ovate irregularly serrate leaves.

Photo Courtesy: Tony Rodd

First Appearance of Purity in the Inconscient
The sign that the inconscient is on the way to becoming conscious.

Plumbago zeylanica
Small white salverform flower with five widely separated lobes and a thin corolla tube, set in a conspicuous tubular green calyx covered with bristly hairs; borne in moderately dense spikes. A scandent evergreen shrub with somewhat angled stems.

Photo Courtesy: Bernard L

First Response of the Inconscient to the Divine Force
The first step towards transformation.

Kigelia africana [Kigelia pinnata]
Sausage tree
Large fleshy dull maroon irregularly funnelform flower with crinkled recurved lobes; borne in large racemes on very long pendulous stalks. A medium-sized spreading tree that bears curious sausagelike fruits.

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