Krishna’s Influence in the Subconscient

The best way to be above all contingencies.

Ecbolium linneanum
Small bluish green half-salverform flower borne on a dense bracted spike. A perennial herb or subshrub.

Photo Courtesy: Dinesh Valke

Supramental Influence in the Subconscient
Under its modest appearance it is a great force of transformation.

Crossandra infundibuliformis
Firecracker flower
Small showy bright orange half-salverform flower with a tiny yellow centre and a limb divided into five irregular rounded lobes; borne in dense four-sided bracted spikes. A low perennial herb.

Photo Courtesy: Nipplerings72

Mental Love under the Psychic Influence
The mind influenced by the psychic knows how to express its love for the Divine in magnificent terms.

Rosa ‘Peace’
Medium to large cream or yellow flower tinged with pink. A medium to large shrub.

Psychic Influence in the Emotions
Indispensable for beginning sadhana.

Justicia carnea
Clusters of small narrow rose pink bilabiate flowers, the lower lip divided into three elongated lobes with a tiny white pattern on the central lobe. A small subshrub with opposite oblong-lanceolate leaves.

Photo Courtesy: Nipplerings72

Successful Future under the Supramental Influence
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Gaillardia pulchella
Indian blanket, Blanket flower, Fire-wheels
Medium-sized double compositae red flower heavily tipped with yellow trumpet-shaped ray florets encircling the convex central disc; borne singly. A commonly cultivated garden annual.

Photo Courtesy: Beautifulcataya

Supramental Influence
Innumerable and rapid in its action.

Macfadyena unguis-cati [Doxantha unguis-cati]
Cat's claw. Cat's claw trumpet, Funnel creeper
Medium-sized deep golden yellow delicately scented campanulate-funnelform flower with a flattened corolla tube and a broad oblique limb divided into five rounded lobes; usually borne in axillary pairs. A vigorous vine with tendrils that grasp like a cat's claw.

Photo Courtesy:JustUptownWantsOld FlickrBack

Supramental Influence in the Cells
Unexpected variety in colours and qualities.

Shrub verbena
Tiny multicoloured and often changeable shades of red, orange, gold and lavender salverform flowers in round compact axillary or terminal heads. A vigorous shrub with coarse strongly scented leaves and a long blooming season.

Photo Courtesy: Nemo's great Uncle

Supramental Influence in the Sex Centre
It is the assurance of the coming conquest of desires.

Medium-sized single compositae flower with eight overlapping delicately toothed ray florets and a tufted centre, in shades of rose, pink and purple; borne singly or in panicles. An annual herb with finely cut leaves.

Photo Courtesy: Kamoda

Tranquility of the Sex Centre when it is under the Influence of the Supramental Light
The Supramental influence liberates man from all that binds him to the animal.

Cosmos bipinnatus
Medium-sized single white compositae flower with eight overlapping delicately toothed ray florets and a tufted centre; borne singly or in panicles. An annual herb with finely cut leaves.

Photo Courtesy: Nemo

Wealth under the Psychic Influence
Wealth ready to return to its true possessor, the Divine.

Water lily
Large showy usually very fragrant white flowers shaded pink and with numerous narrow pointed or rounded petals, many prominent erect stamens and four petal-like sepals; borne singly on long stems, either floating or held above the water. An aquatic rhizomatous herb with large floating peltate leaves.

Photo Courtesy: van swearingen

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