Always be kind, stop engaging in bitter criticism no longer see evil in anything, obstinately force yourself to see nothing but the benevolent presence of the Divine 'Grace, and you will see not only within you but also around you an atmosphere of quiet joy, peaceful trust spreading more and more. And not only will you feel quiet and happy, but most of your bodily ailments will disappear.

Kind Mind
The mind prepares itself for conversion.

Luffa acutangula
Angled luffa, Sing-kwa, Ridge gourd, Sponge gourd
Medium-sized mildly fragrant light yellow salverform flower with five delicate separated petals; borne in clusters on long stems from the leaf axils. A vine which bears long prominently ribbed fruits that are edible when young and the source of luffa sponges when mature.

Photo Courtesy: sriaurobindoashram

Kindness of Nature
She is kind when she is loving.

Clover, Trefoil
Small fragrant dense rounded heads of tiny papilionaceous flowers in white and shades of purple, pink or yellow. An annual or perennial herb with leaves composed of usually three but occasionally four leaflets.

Photo Courtesy: Bernd Haynold

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