By Knowledge we mean in yoga not thought or ideas about spiritual things but psychic understanding from within and spiritual illumination from above.

The knowledge that seems to come to you from outside is only an occasion for bringing out the knowledge that is within you. Let all circumstances, all happenings in life be occasions, constantly renewed, for learning always more and more.

True knowledge is precisely knowledge by identity, and wisdom is the state one attains when one is in this true knowledge.

Is conversant with all sides of a question, whatever it may be.

Leucaena leucocephala
Lead tree, White popinac
Small mildly fragrant cream white Huffy balls of soft stamens borne singly from the leaf axils on sturdy narrow stalks. A small tree often seen with an abundance of flat dark brown brittle pods.

Intuitive Knowledge

Innumerable and vast for exploration, it is pure and fragrant.

Caesalpinia coriaria
Tiny very fragrant cream to greenish white cup-shaped flowers with reddish brown exserted stamens; borne in dense branching axillary clusters. A small spreading tree with finely pinnate leaves.

Picture Courtesy: Toptropicals

Supramental Knowledge

An infallible vision of problems.

Acacia farnesiana
Sweet acacia, Mimosa bush, Sweet wattle, Scented wattle
Small highly perfumed deep yellow fluffy balls of soft stamens borne in small clusters. A very thorny shrub.

Picture Courtesy: Mike

Knowledge of Details
Manifold and minute it forgets nothing.

Acacia leucophloea
Tiny cream white pineapple scented fluffy balls of soft stamens borne in terminal panicles. An extremely thorny tree with yellowish bark.

Photo Courtesy: Dinesh Valke

Divine Knowledge
It is succulent, nourishing, strengthening.

Mangifera indica
Medium to large succulent edible fruit of the mango tree, generally oval in shape; borne in clusters on pendulous stalks.

Photo Courtesy: Dinesh Valke

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