Avatar-the Supreme Manifested in a Body upon Earth
The pink lotus is the flower of Sri Aurobindo.

Nelumbo nucifera
Sacred lotus, East Indian lotus
Very large fragrant chalice-shaped pink flower with several rows of loosely arranged cupped translucent petals surrounding a unique centre of numerous golden stamens that encircle a raised yellow disc; borne singly on sturdy stems high above the water. A vigorous aquatic rhizomatous plant with large, concave orbicular leaves that repel water.

Photo Courtesy: Peripitus

Awakening of the first Response of the Nature to the Supramental Manifestation
Interested, she opens herself and tries to understand.

Jatropha integerrima
Peregrina, Spicy jatropha
  1. Small reddish pink flower with five narrow rounded separated petals and conspicuous anthers; borne in long-stemmed terminal cymes. A shrub with variable leaf forms which are often fiddle-shaped.
  2. Another form is a small light pink cup-shaped flower with rounded petals and conspicuous yellow anthers.

Photo Courtesy: Forest & Kim Starr

Photo Courtesy: Dinesh Valke

Radiation of the Manifestation
The Divine Manifestation is spreading.

Medium to large white funnelform flower with a short corolla tube and five petal-like lobes that elongate into thin purple ribbons; borne in loose cymes. An extremely vigorous heavy climber with large leaves and large woody paired seed capsules.

Photo Courtesy: Tuis

Supramental Manifestation
It will be welcome.

Scadoxus multiflorus [Haemanthns multiflorus]
Blood lily, Football lily
Very large striking ball-like head composed of numerous stalked flowers with six narrow coral pink petals and prominent light red stamens; borne on a thick scape before the leaves appear. A bulbous plant with fleshy green leaves spotted reddish at the base.

Photo Courtesy:Blanu

Will Manifested in Life
Concentrated and precise.

Episcia cupreata
Flame violet
Bright coral pink flower with a yellow throat and petals with fringed edges; horizontal corolla tube and a limb divided into five rounded oblique lobes; borne singly or in pairs. A creeping perennial herb dark greenish brown leaves and with olive green midribs.

Photo Courtesy: Chrischang

Vital Will Manifested in Life
It is often the cause of greatest disorders.

Episcia reptans
Flame violet, Red violet, Scarlet violet
Small intense orange red salverform flower with a horizontal corolla tube and a limb divided into five rounded oblique lobes; borne singly or in pairs. A creeping perennial herb that has heavily embossed green leaves with silvery green midribs and veins.

Beauty of Tomorrow Manifesting the Divine
A beauty that exists only by and for the Divine.

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
Chinese hibiscus, Hawaiian hibiscus, Rose-of-China
Large single flowers in shades of orange, with a striking white centre and often with a pale pink aura.

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