Manifold Endurance
Whatever the endurance needed, it is always there to do its duty.

Zinnia elegans
Common zinnia, Youth-and-old-age
Large, usually double compositae variegated or multicoloured flowers with firm spatulate ray florets; borne singly on sturdy stems. A long- blooming garden annual.

Photo Courtesy: Normanack

Manifold Generosity
All in nature is spontaneously generous.

Impatiens balsamina
Garden balsam, Rose balsam
Small to medium-sized all bicoloured single or double flowers except pink and red, with irregular wavy petals and a long thin spur; borne singly in the leaf axils on very thin stalks. A bushy garden annual with succulent stems and serrate leaves.

Picture not available.

Manifold Power of the New Creation (Manifold power of Auroville)
The new creation will be rich in possibilities.

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis 'Splash'
Chinese hibiscus, Hawaiian hibiscus, Rose- of-China
Medium to large single bright red or orange red flowers with firm thick velvety petals splashed with white as if with irregular brush-strokes; the edges of the petals shaded cream yellow to light gold.

Photo Courtesy:

Manifold Protection
A protection working not only on life as a whole but on each of its details.

Bougainvillea ‘Mary Palmer’
Clusters of showy ovate bracts in groups of three or more that enfold tiny white to greenish white salverform flowers; bright purple pink bracts and white bracts in each cluster. A shrub, vine or small tree, usually armed with spines.

Photo Courtesy: Ava babili

Manifold Receptivity
Nothing resists the Light.

Gladiolus Xhortulanus
Garden gladiolus
Tall elegant compact one-sided spike of small to medium-sized orange flowers with six flared petals that are often ruffled and frilled; a bulbous plant with sword-shaped leaves.

Photo Courtesy: Carl E Lewis

Power of Manifold Expression
The result of suppleness and plasticity.

Antirrhinum majus
Small bilabiate multicoloured flowers with a short flattened corolla tube; the upper lip has two broad recurved lobes, the raised centre of the lower lip closes the "mouth" of the flower, the lower edge is lobed and somewhat ruffled; borne in erect racemes. A colourful annual or perennial.

Picture Coutesy: Ianaré Sévi

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