Self-mastery is the greatest conquest, it is the basis of all enduring happiness.

It is from within that you must become master of your lower nature by establishing your consciousness firmly in a domain that is free of all desire and attachment because it is under the influence of the divine Light and Force. It is a long and exacting labour which must be undertaken with an unfailing sincerity and a tireless perseverance.

The mastery must be a true mastery, a very humble and austere mastery which starts from the very bottom and, step by step, establishes control. In fact, it is a battle against small things, very tiny things: habits of being, ways of thinking, feeling and reacting. When this mastery at the very bottom combine with the consciousness at the very top, then you can really begin to do work — not only work on yourself but work for all.

Know what the Divine wants and you will have mastery.

Syzygium jambos
Rose apple, Jambu mawar, Malabar plum
Medium-sized fragrant flower composed of numerous long showy white to greenish white stamens; borne in few-flowered terminal clusters. A medium-sized evergreen tree with fragrant edible fruits.

Photo Courtesy: RaeA

Mastery of Sex
Instead of being dominated by sexual impulses, one must put them under the control of the highest will.

Anthurium andreanum
Flamingo flower, Flamingo lily, Oilcloth flower
Firm waxy heart-shaped large to very large red spathe and a prominent thick erect red spadix; borne singly on a long stiff stem. A perennial herb with large leathery somewhat heart-shaped leaves.

Picture Courtesy: Tim waters

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