A miracle is nothing but a sudden descent, a bursting forth of another consciousness and its powers . . . into this plane of matter. There is a precipitation, upon the material mechanism, of the mechanism of a higher plane. It is as though a lightning flash tore through the cloud of our ordinary consciousness and poured into it other forces, other movements and sequences. ... If we have eyes and know how to observe we can see miracles in abundance. Especially must they be constant among those who are endeavouring to bring down the higher reaches into the earth- consciousness below.
At every moment all the unforeseen, the unexpected, the unknown is before us — and what happens to us depends mostly on the intensity and purity of our faith.

Miracle (Air of Auroville)
Marvellous, strange, unexpected.

Memecylon tinctorium
Tiny mildly fragrant intense blue flower with four rounded petals and exserted stamens tipped cream white; the flowers are held in rose pink calyces especially prominent in the bud stage and borne in small tight rounded clusters along the stems. A shrub or small tree with leathery leaves.

Photo Courtesy: Budak

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