Occultism is the knowledge and right use of the hidden forces of Nature. Occult forces are the forces that can only be known by going behind the veil of apparent phenomena - especially the forces of the subtle physical and supraphysical planes.

Occultism means rightly the use of the higher powers of our nature, soul, mind, life-force and the faculties of the subtle physical consciousness to bring about results on their own or on the material plane by some pressure of their own secret law and its potentialities, for manifestation and result in human or earthly mind and life and body or in objects and events in the world of Matter.

Truly blossoms only when it is surrendered to the Divine.

Pancratium zeylanicum
Medium-sized highly fragrant white funnelform flower with six pointed petals, a large central cup and a long narrow green corolla tube; borne in one- to three-flowered umbels very close to the ground. A low perennial bulbous plant with narrow linear leaves.

Photo Courtesy: Muhammad Mahdi Karim

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