Peace was the very first thing that the yogis and seekers of old asked for and it was a quiet and silent mind - and that always brings peace -that they declared to be the best condition for realising the Divine.

Peace is a deep quietude where no disturbance can come- a quietude with a sense of established security and release.

Peace is a calm deepened into something that is very positive amounting almost to a tranquil waveless Ananda.

To want what You want always and in every circumstance is the only way to enjoy an unshakable peace.

Curcuma zedoaria
Zedoary, Turmeric
Small yellow tubular flowers set in larger greenish pink bracts on a long sturdy spike. A large tuberous perennial with green leaves that have a chocolate brown midrib.

Photo Courtesy: Scott.Zona

Joy of Integral Peace
Calm and tranquil, an unfailing smile.

Crinum lily, Spider lily
Large fragrant white lily like flower with a long narrow green tube and six widely separated slightly recurved petal-like lobes, each with a light pink band down the centre; borne in umbels on long sturdy scapes. A large bulb with strap-like leaves.

Peace in the Cells
The indispensable condition for the body’s progress.

Ixora thwaitesii
White ixora
Small fragrant white salverform flower with a starlike limb divided into four curled narrow lobes; borne in dense corymbs. A tall glossy- leaved shrub that produces numerous root suckers.

Photo Courtesy: Himanshu Sarpotdar

Peace in the Nerves

Indispensable for good health.

Guettarda speciosa
Small highly fragrant white salverform flower with a sturdy tube and the limb divided into seven or eight soft rounded lobes; borne in small axillary cymes. A medium-sized spreading tree with horizontal branches and large broadly ovate leaves.

Photo Copyright and Courtesy: Cook Islands Biodiversity

Peace in the Physical
To want what God wants is the best condition for it.

Calophyllum inophyllum
Alexandrian laurel, Indian laurel, Laurelwood
Small fragrant waxy white flower with round cupped petals and a prominent central tuft of yellow stamens; borne in terminal panicles. A medium-sized evergreen tree with glossy leathery leaves.

Peace in the Sex Centre
Indispensable for beginning the Yoga.

Morinda Citrifolia
Indian mulberry, Awl tree, Painkiller
Small highly fragrant white salverform flower with five fleshy recurved lobes that create a starlike appearance; borne in terminal or axillary heads from a hard rounded base. A small tree.

Photo Courtesy: Forest & Kim Starr

Peace in the Vital
The result of the abolition of the desires.

Murraya paniculata
Orange jessamine, Satin-wood, Cosmetic-bark tree, Chinese box
Small very fragrant delicate white star-shaped flower with five narrow recurved petals; borne in numerous small axillary and terminal cymes. A handsome evergreen shrub or small tree with glossy leaves.

Photo Courtesy: Forest & Kim Starr

Peace of Integral Faithfulness
Be faithful to the Divine and you will enjoy a constant peace.

Portlandia grandiflora
Large fragrant waxy pure white trumpet-shaped flower with a limb divided into seven pointed lobes; borne singly. A glossy-leaved evergreen shrub.

Photo Courtesy: Magnaghi

Psychic Peace
It is spontaneous and does not make a fuss.

Holarrhena pubescens
Easter tree, Conessi, Kurchi, Jasmine tree
Small fragrant white salverform flower with five oblong, slightly recurved lobes; borne many-flowered cymes. A small deciduous tree.

Photo Courtesy: Dinesh Valke

Radiating Peace in the Cells
A happy contagion.

Pavetta indica
Tiny fragrant white salverform flowers with four petal-like lobes, a narrow green corolla tube and an exserted style; borne in cymes. A shrub or small tree.

Photo Courtesy: Himanshu Sarpotdar
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