What I call "being on the path" is being in a state of consciousness in which only union with the Divine has any value - this union is the only thing worth living, the sole object of aspiration. Everything else has lost all value and is not worth seeking, so there is no longer any question of renouncing it because it is no longer an object of desire. As long as union with the Divine is not the thing for which one lives, one is not yet on the path.

It is true that the path is very long, but for one who follows it with sincerity, it is really very interesting. .. .

What do you want the Yoga for? To get power? To attain to peace and calm? To serve humanity?
None of these motives is sufficient to show that you are meant for the Path.
The question you are to answer is this: Do you want the Yoga for the sake of the Divine? Is the Divine the supreme fact of your life, so much so that it is simply impossible for you to do without it? Do you feel that your very raison d'etre is the Divine and without it there is no meaning in your existence? If so, then only can it be said that you have a call for the path.

Perfect Path
For each one it is the path that leads fastest to the Divine.

Small very fragrant white salverform flower whose lobe forms a five-pointed star; borne in small opposite axillary clusters along the stem. An attractive glossy-leaved shrub or tree producing coffee berries.

Photo Courtesy: TimWilson

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