The most essential quality is perseverance, endurance, and a — how to put it? — a kind of inner good mood that helps you not to get discouraged, not to become sad, and to face all difficulties with a smile. There is an English word which expresses this very well - cheerfulness. If you can keep this within you, you resist much better, you fight much better, in the Light, these bad influences which try to prevent you from progressing.

It is by persevering that one conquers difficulties, not by running away from them. One who perseveres is sure to triumph. Victory goes to the most enduring.

Perseverance is patience in action.

The decision to go to the very end.

Calendula officinalis
Ruddles, Common marigold, Scotch marigold, Pot marigold
Medium-sized single or double compositae flower with soft narrow delicately fringed petals in yellow or orange and a dark brown central disc. A popular garden annual.

Photo Courtesy: Carl E Lewis

Detailed Perseverance
One continues the work begun for as long as necessary.

Creeping daisy, West Indian creeper
Small fully double bright yellow compositae flowers; borne singly. A light scandent shrub or low creeping perennial with serrate leaves.

Photo Courtesy: Organic Veggie

Power of Perseverance (Continued perseverance and action)
The perseverance that overcomes all obstacles.

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
Chinese hibiscus, Hawaiian hibiscus, Rose- of-China
Large single orange to red orange flower often tinged rose at the edges of the smooth or slightly crinkled petals and a deep red centre

Photo Courtesy: Tk_yeoh

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