His laughter of beauty breaks out in green trees,
His moments of beauty triumph in a flower;
The blue sea's chant, the rivulet's wandering voice
Are murmurs falling from the Eternal's harp.
This world is God fulfilled in outwardness.

It is intended by the word Presence to indicate the sense and perception of the Divine as a Being, felt as present in one's existence and consciousness or in relation with it, without the necessity of any further qualification or description. Thus, of the "ineffable Presence" it can only be said that it is there and nothing more can or need be said about it, although at the same time one knows that all is there, personality and impersonality, Power and Light and Ananda and everything else, and that all these flow from that indescribable Presence.
That is always the fundamental significance, — the essential perception of the essential Presence supporting everything else.

It is the Divine Presence that gives value to life. This Presence is the source of all peace, all joy, all security.

Consciousness seeking for the presence.

Plumbago auriculata Alba'
Cape leadwort
Small soft pure white salverform flower with a very thin long corolla tube and a limb divided into five widely separated lobes; borne in short spikes. An evergreen shrub with long arching semi-scandent stems.

Photo Courtesy: Andreanna

Divine Presence
It hides from the ignorant eye its ever-present magnificence!

Rhoeo spathacea
Oyster plant, Boat lily, Cradle lily, Moses in his cradle
Tiny white flower that barely protrudes from the centre of two reddish purple overlapping boat-shaped bracts set among the leaves. A succulent perennial herb with swordlike leaves, green above and purplish beneath.

Photo Courtesy: Pellaea

The Vital Governed by the Presence
The vital force made peaceful and disciplined by the Divine presence.

Tradescantia pallida [Setcreasea pallida]
Small mauve pink three-petalled flower with prominent yellow anthers, set in two narrow horizontal half-folded purple bracts. A sprawling succulent perennial herb with violet purple foliage.

Photo Courtesy: Pellaea

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