The preoccupation with universal beauty even in its aesthetic forms has an intense power for refining and subtilising the nature, and at its highest it is a great force for purification.

Little by little, coarseness is eliminated from the being.

Butterfly bush, Summer lilac
Tiny fragrant four-lobed tubular flowers in white and shades of pink, purple, yellow and orange; borne in dense terminal spikes. A medium to large shrub.

Photo Courtesy: Petrichor

Refinement of Habits
Orderly, clean and well-organised.

Gliricidia sepium
Madre de cacao, Nicaraguan cocoa-shade
Small pink papilionaceous flowers, each with a pale yellow band in the centre of the broad recurved upper petal and a conspicuous waxy maroon calyx; borne in dense racemes along the branches. A small fast-growing tree with pinnate leaves.

Photo Courtesy: Dinesh Valke

Refined Taste

Pleasing and delicate, always avoids mistakes of bad taste.

Kaempferia pulchra
Small three-petalled flower with a large bilabiate lip in pinkish lavender with a white centre and sparkling sheen; blooms singly on a short scape between two beautifully marked leaves. A stemless perennial with tuberous roots.

Photo Courtesy: Chrischang

Refinement of Emotions
With progress even the emotions become refined.

Brunfelsia australis
Yesterday-today-and-tomorrow, Morning-noon- and-night, Paraguayan jasmine
Small fragrant salverform flower with a short corolla tube and a limb divided into five wavy overlapping lobes; flower opens purple with a white eye and changes from purple to lavender on the second day and to white on the third; borne singly. A small shrub

Picture Courtesy: Forest & Kim Starr

Refinement of Sensations
Manifold, complex, perceiving the variety of details.

Cassia roxburghii
Small mildly fragrant flower with three upper and two lower ovate petals and prominent curved stamens and pistil; the flower opens pink and turns deep golden yellow; borne in clusters along the branches. A medium-sized tree, often with long pendulous branches.

Photo Courtesy: Toptropicals

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