To be able to be regular is a great force, one becomes master of one's time and one's movement.

Indispensable for all serious accomplishment.

Martynia annua
Unicorn plant, Devil's claw, Elephant-tusk, Proboscis flower
Small flattened tubular flower with five irregular recurved lobes; the white tube is tinged pink and covered outside with fine hairs, the pale pink lobes are blotched with rose and deep reddish purple and the throat is spotted with golden orange; borne in racemes among the leaves. A viscid hairy annual herb.

"Courtesy EcoPort ( ) : Pankaj Oudhia".

Common foxglove
Medium-sized graceful nodding bell-shaped bilabiate flowers in shades of purple and pink varying to white; the tubular corolla is four-lobed, the upper segment shorter and the protruding lower lip dotted maroon towards the centre; borne in long terminal racemes. A showy biennial or perennial herb.
Photo Courtesy: .leila

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