It is by the constant remembrance that the being is prepared for the full opening. By the opening of the heart the Mother's presence begins to be felt and, by the opening to her Power above, the Force of the higher consciousness comes down into the body and works there to change the whole nature.

Constant remembrance of the Divine is indispensable for transformation.

Lycianthes rantonnei [Solanum rantonnetii]
Blue potato bush
Small delicately fragrant mauve saucer-shaped flower with a raised rose violet star in the centre and prominent yellow anthers; borne in axillary clusters. A medium-sized shrub with ovate- lanceolate leaves.

Photo Courtesy: Roland Steinbach

Remembrance of Sri Aurobindo

Let us strive to realise the ideal of life he has set before us.

Lobelia erinus
Edging lobelia
Tiny delicate blue half-salverform flower with three distinct lobes; borne in loose racemes. A very pretty low annual or perennial herb often used for beds, borders and hanging planters.

Photo Courtesy: Louisa_catlover

Constant remembrance of the Divine
Spontaneous and joyful. The ideal condition.

Lonicera japonica
Japanese honeysuckle, Gold and silver flower
Small sweetly fragrant ivory white tubular flower that gradually turns yellow and is divided into five narrow lobes, one deeply cut, erect and slightly recurved, and four opposite, more acutely recurved and partly joined; borne in axillary pairs subtended by a leafy bract. A moderately vigorous vine with opposite ovate slightly glossy dark green leaves.

Photo Courtesy: Anita Gould

Glad Remembrance
In activity and in silence, in taking and in giving, always the glad remembrance of Thee.

Clarkia unguiculata
Farewell to spring, Godetia
Erect racemes of small double flowers with soft delicate ruffled petals, in white and shades of purple and pink. A slender branching showy garden annual.

Photo Courtesy: Kida Yasuo

Lasting Remembrance
The remembrance of that which has helped the being to progress.

Myosotis sylvatica
Garden forget-me-not
Tiny exquisite sky blue salverform flower with five rounded lobes and a prominent yellow centre; borne in airy terminal clusters. A small biennial herb.

Photo Courtesy: Mwri

Emotional Remembrance

Only the circumstances that have helped us in our search for the Divine should be the object of this remembrance.

Dicentra spectabilis
Bleeding heart
Small rose pink heart-shaped pendulous flowers with four petals, the two outer petals recurved, spurred and divided to show two protruding white inner petals; borne on long gracefully arching stalks. A herbaceous perennial with deeply cut leaves.

Photo Courtesy: Wuzur

Subconscient Remembrance

Must be purified of all that is useless.

Cynoglossum amabile
Chinese forget-me-not
Deep sky blue five-lobed salverform flowers in terminal cymes. A biennial herb covered with short white hairs.

Photo Courtesy: Carnwrite

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