The Divine's sacrifice is the descent of the Divine into the obscurity of the unconsciousness.

The manifestation of the love of the Divine in the world was the great holocaust, the supreme self-giving. The Perfect Consciousness accepted to be merged and absorbed into the unconsciousness of matter, so that consciousness might be awakened in the depths of its obscurity and little by little a Divine Power might rise in it and make the whole of this manifested universe a highest expression of the Divine Consciousness and the Divine love.

The law of sacrifice is the common divine action that was thrown out into the world in its beginning as a symbol of the solidarity of the universe. It is by the attraction of this law that a divinising, a saving power descends to limit and correct and gradually to eliminate the errors of an egoistic and self-divided creation. This descent, this sacrifice of the Purusha, the Divine Soul submitting itself to Force and Matter so that it may inform and illuminate them, is the seed of redemption of this world of Inconscience and Ignorance.

Divine Sacrifice
For the Divine it is not a supreme sacrifice to renounce the beatitude of His unity in order to create the painful multiplicity of the world?

Punica granatum
Small single brilliant orange flower with six rounded crinkled petals and a centre composed of numerous cream yellow anthers, held in a thick waxy orange six-pointed calyx that covers the base of the flower. A shrub or small tree.

Photo Courtesy: Yodie

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