One of the results of refinement of the being.

Malpighia coccigera
Miniature holly, Singapore holly
Small delicate white rotate flower with widely separated rounded petals, a greenish centre and yellow anthers; borne singly or in axillary clusters. A highly attractive evergreen shrub with small hollylike leaves.

Photo Courtesy: Dinesh Valke
Malpighia glabra
Barbados cherry, Acerola
Small delicate rose pink rotate flower with widely separated rounded petals; borne singly along the branches. A large shrub or small tree that yields small red fruits.

Photo Courtesy: TANAKA Juuyoh (田中十洋)

Artistic sensitivity
A powerful aid in fighting ugliness.

Ipomoea tricolor
Morning glory
Large blue funnelform flower with a white throat; borne singly or in few-flowered clusters. An annual climber.

Photo Courtesy: Heike Loechel

Vital sensitivity
Is excessive if not controlled.

Mimosa pudica
Sensitive plant, Touch-me-not, Shame plant, Live-and-die, Humble plant
Small pale lavender pink soft globose heads, borne singly or in few-flowered axillary clusters. A low subshrub with spiny stems and exceedingly sensitive leaves that fold immediately when touched.

Photo Courtesy: Biomimetica

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