You have to regard yourself as a soul and body created for [the Divine Mother's] service, one who does all for her sake. Even if the idea of the separate worker is strong in you and you feel that it is you who do the act, yet it must be done for her. . . . There must be no demand for fruit and no seeking for reward; the only fruit for you is the pleasure of the Divine Mother and the fulfillment of her work, your only reward a constant progression in divine consciousness and calm and strength and bliss. The joy of service and the joy of inner growth through works is the sufficient recompense of the selfless worker.

There is no greater joy than to serve the Divine.

To be at the service of the Divine is the surest way to attain realisation.

Copper pod, Rusty shield-bearer, Yellow flamboyant, Yellow poinciana, Yellow flame
Small fragrant yellow flower with five separated delicately crinkled petals and exserted stamens; the sepals and base of the flower are rust- coloured; borne in large terminal panicles. A medium to large ornamental tree.

Photo Courtesy: Dinesh Valke

Beauty Offers itself in Service to the Divine

Incomparable splendour, it becomes a modest servitor.

Rosa ‘Confidence’
Medium to large salmon coloured flower. A large shrub.

Photo Courtesy:Forest & Kim Starr

Power in Service of the Future
Without haste, but sure of its success.

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
Chinese hibiscus, Hawaiian hibiscus, Rose-of-China
Very large single bright magenta flower with firm crinkled slightly recurved petals.

Photo not available.

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